Doors & Docks

Let our expert technical team devise the best, secure solution for all your premises entries.

Why use FLT

Todays businesses face the double pressure of rising energy costs and carbon reducing legislation. Doors and windows take up a large proportion of any workspace so choosing the right door can cut energy costs and your carbon footprint. In addition they enhance security which is a priority for all businesses.

To Create A Good First Impression

Whoever visits your premises, you want to create a good first impression. If your site is untidy and unsafe, visitors will quickly form a negative opinion which reflects poorly on your business. However, if you impress them with clean, tidy, and modern facilities and provide a great customer experience, then you’ll create a positive, lasting impression. The confidence of customers can lead to repeat business and a positive reputation!

Safe And Compliant

Businesses have regulations and standards that they need to follow to avoid legal action and financial penalties that can affect the survival of your business. Our team will ensure that your building is entirely safe and compliant, helping you to avoid these penalties and preserve staff and visitor safety.

Improved Cost Efficiency

By having your premises well maintained you keep risks to a minimum and gain maximum cost-efficiency. You eliminate urgent one-off repairs that are costly if you were to use another service outside of our facilities management.

Some of the services we offer

Electrical roller shutters

Made to measure electrical roller shutters can be fitted over the exterior of your windows and doors to provide unmatched security against burglary or any other kind of breach that you may face.

Sectional doors

Sturdy and modern sectional doors are the most popular for warehouse and secure storage because of their space saving outstanding security, quality of manufacture and ease of use.

Fire shutter doors

Reliable security and fire shutter doors offer your property protection and security from fire and criminal damage.

Dock levellers

Bespoke dock levellers act as a bridge between the vehicle and loading bay or garage which is the most efficient way of moving onto an elevated flooring without causing any damage.

Warehouse interior and exterior doors

Warehouse high speed interior and exterior doors to optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. The range includes both vertically and horizontally opening, transparent doors with a flexible curtain.

Traffic Barriers

Traffic Barriers secure your carpark whilst maintaining safe, speedy opening and closing to increase traffic flow whilst still preventing tailgating.

Commercial and domestic electric gates

Commercial or domestic electric gates to control the security of your premises. Available in timber, aluminium, composite or steel in various designs including swing, sliding, and folding.

Entry systems

Entry systems enhance your security and can be fitted on gates, barriers or doors in a variety of designs from very simple to enhance facial recognition.