FLT Access Ltd are a Facilities Management company based in Newport, Gloucester, 10 minutes from the M4/M5 interchange and we cover the South West, supporting all industry sectors from catering supplies to wildlife parks.

Let us help you make the most of your work premises

Due to our expertise in tailoring our packages to suit our customers’ needs and budgets we have customers ranging from large PLC corporate companies through to SME. We can handle all your Facilities Management or just the specific areas that you need for instance landscaping or electrical services.


Let our technical expertise keep your business premises looking its best.

High Quality

On going maintenance and ad hoc jobs keep your workplace safe and compliant.

Always Available

Our team are always professional and available to assist.

What we offer

Facilities Management
Doors and Docks
Building Maintenace
Electrical Services
Heating and Ventilation

What FLT Access Ltd can do for your company

Working efficiently and effectively

With specialist services like ours, we can create an efficient working environment which can really change the way that your business operates. When your facilities are managed by us, there’s little that can disrupt your work and business operations as we can foresee issues before they arise and deal with the potential problem with an effective solution.

To create a good first impression

Whoever visits your premises, you want to create a good first impression. If your site is untidy and unsafe, visitors will quickly form a negative opinion which reflects poorly on your business. However, if you impress them with clean, tidy, and modern facilities and provide a great customer experience, then you’ll create a positive, lasting impression. The confidence of customers can lead to repeat business and a positive reputation!

Improved cost efficiency

By having your premises continually well maintained you keep risks to a minimum and gain maximum cost-efficiency. You eliminate urgent one-off repairs that are costly if you were to use another service outside of our facilities management.

Safe and compliant

Businesses have regulations and standards that they need to follow to avoid legal action and financial penalties that can affect the survival of your business. Our team will ensure that your building is entirely safe and compliant, helping you to avoid these penalties and preserve staff and visitor safety.

Increasing morale

We help you create work environments that your employees are proud to work in. Taking pride in your workplace is vital for morale, which can then increase business productivity and make your workspace a great place to be. Facilities management prioritises staff health and safety by having a compliant environment, minimising risks, and the likelihood of sick days.